Cheif Managing Director


The Aims of Education are landscaped in the guiding principles of constitution which reflect an obligation to democracy and the values of equality, justice, freedom, concern for other’s well-beings, secularism, respect for human dignity and human rights. Education should aim to build a commitment to these values which are based on reason and understanding.

Bhavdiya Group of Institutions was thinking from quite a long back for inception of such a school which can fulfill the above motives and serve up to the last people of the society. With the huge blessing and good wishes of our near and dear ones, I could dare to proceed ahead and thus Bhavdiya Public School came into existence on 9th April, 2018.

In this Five Years run we tried our level best to cater all the needs of our students and parents under the same roof. With our beliefs and pedagogy we created a balance between academic and non-academic endeavors. We gave our children opportunities to take risks, ask questions, explore, enquire and apply the learnt concepts in their daily lives. We have provided them with world class facilities of library, laboratories, Smart Class, Shooting Range and an entire new building to learn in a more comfortable and creative manner.

I hope that all these new facilities and infrastructure will help in taking this school and children to greater heights but this all will be possible with the unconditional support of our parents and teaching fraternity.

M L Verma
Chief Managing Director
Bhavdiya Public School