• Academic Year
    : The session begins in April and ends in March.
    : Saturday will be a working day from classes I to XII.
    : All Saturdays are off for playgroup to UKG.
  • Attendance
    : Students must be punctual and regular. They should come to school at least 10 minutes before assembly starts. Late comers will not be allowed to join the assembly.
    : Students are not allowed to leave the premises without permission granted by the Principal. In such cases guardians or parents should make arrangements for the child to be collected from school.
    : No student will absent himself / herself without leave previously approved except in case of unforeseen circumstances. Application will be submitted for the same.
    : When long leave during tests and examinations become necessary due to unavoidable circumstances, permission from the Principal has to be obtained in advance.
    : Students suffering from infections diseases should on no ground be sent to school. They must bring a fitness certificate on their return to school.
    : Attendance is mandatory on official school functions, like independence day, republic day etc.
  • Text book and stationery
    : Text book and copy set can be obtained from the specified vendor.
    : Students should bring books and copies according to timetable or as specified by the teacher. Non approved books or magazines will not be allowed in school.
    : Student should bring one rough copy daily to school.
    : Student’s diary will be provided from school. A second one will be given on payment of `100.
    : Stationery will be inspected on the first working day of the session.
  • Uniform
    : Summer- Red T-shirt (half sleeve), dark blue trousers (denim)
    : Winter- Full red T-shirt, dark blue trousers
    : House uniform- a. Kalam House: Blue T-shirt with lower. b. Radhakrishnan house: Green T-shirt with lower. c. Vivekanand house: Yellow T-shirt with lower. d. Sardar Patel house: Red T-shirt with lower.
    : School uniform is compulsory. They shall come clean and tidy with trim hair too. Girls are supposed to come in two ponies (with plaits).
  • Tiffin
    : Parents should follow the food menu. The food menu will be provided in diary every month (Class Playgroup to V).
    : Children should bring tiffin for food lunch and fruit lunch.
    : In case the student forgets to bring the tiffin and the same is sent afterward, it will be collected by the student from the reception.
  • Library
    : A fully equipped library cum resource centre is there for teachers as well as students.
  • Birthday celebrations
    : Children may bring biscuits/ fruits/ stationery items worth or less than `5 only for their classmates. They may also attend school in civil dress. All wrapped items and cakes are banned.
  • Discipline
    : Students are not allowed to meet parents and visitors or to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.
    : While going to assembly, PT classes or change over periods students are supposed to move to the left and go silently in a single line without disturbing the classes.
    :Regular attendance, alertness of mind and body, prompt completion of homework, obedience and respect towards teachers and other members of staff, gentle and polite behaviour is expected from every student. They are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both inside and outside the school premises.
    : Speaking in English is compulsory in the school premises and also in the bus.
    : Bicycle must be parked in an orderly manner and kept locked.
    : Students are strictly forbidden to introduce any sort of objectionable literature in the school.
    : Students are advised not to have money or valuable articles with them.
    : Students are expected to keep school premises clean. They are forbidden to write or scribble on wall. Any such act will entail punishment and recovery of the cost of repair/maintenance.
  • Admission and withdrawl
    : Fresh admission is subject to the availability of seats in respective classes.
    : While applying for admission, TC/BC should be furnished.
    : All applications of withdrawal should be made to the Principal through the school office after clearing all dues to school.
    : The transfer certificate can be collected from the office of the Principal after 15 working days from the date of application.
  • Payment of fee
    : quarterly payment of fee
    : Parents will get f ee receipt with SMS after successful payment made through net banking.
    : In case of non-payment of fee by scheduled dates as mentioned above, the payment will be accepted along with late fee `100/- per fortnight
    A gentle reminder will be sent from 1st to 15th of every quarter through SMS.
    : If a child has attended school even for a day in any quarter, fee for whole quarter will be charged.
    : In case of non-payment of fees consecutively for three months or more, name of the student will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission in school will be at the discretion of the Principal and after reprocessing charge of `1500 and late fine of `100 per fortnight for the number of months delayed.
    : To withdraw transport facility, parents must give three months prior notice and have to pay for the complete month in which they are withdrawing. No withdrawal will be accepted after the month of December for the current session.
    : For any clarification, please contact - ERP Cell : 6390260000.
    : Please keep the school record updated with your current mobile number for SMS alert.
  • Evaluation System / Examination
    : The SCHOOL ACADEMIC YEAR IS DIVIDED INTO TWO TERMS: Term I : April 1st to September 30th Term II : October 1st to March 31st
    : THERE ARE TWO LONG HOLIDAY BREAKS DURING THE YEAR: Summer holidays are from 16 May to 24 June & Winter break is from 01 Jan to 07 Jan.
  • PTM
    : Parent teacher meet will be held as per the school diary calender
  • Subject
    : Subject combination for class XI - Science Stream: History/Political Science Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology, Economics/Accountancy/Business Studies, English/Hindi