Cheif Managing Director


The Aims of Education are landscaped in the guiding principles of constitution which reflect an obligation to democracy and the values of equality, justice, freedom, concern for other’s well-beings, secularism, respect for human dignity and human rights. Education should aim to build a commitment to these values which are based on reason and understanding.

The curriculum, therefore, should provide adequate experience and space for dialogue and discourse in the school to promote such a commitment in children. It needs to emphasise the processes of constructing knowledge. This is why education must develop the ability to work and participate in economic processes and social changes. We must ensure that work-related experiences are sufficient and broad-based in terms of skills and attitudes, Life skills and Value Education that they foster an understanding of socio-economic processes and help to inculcate a mental frame that encourages working with others in a spirit of cooperation.

Bhavdiya Group of Institution was thinking from quite long back for inception of such a school which can fulfil the above motives and serve up to the last people of the society. With the huge blessings and good wishes of our nears and dears, I could dare to proceed ahead and thus Bhavdiya Public School came up in existence on 9th April 2018.

Dear parents, we are trying our best to cater the children as per their need but “Rome was not built in a day” it is a time taking process. I hope that new pedagogy and class room transaction based on ICT will definitely bring a better outcome during the current session but your cooperation to the larger extent is highly requested.

26th March 2019

M L Verma
Chief Managing Director
Bhavdiya Public School